Seminars & Special Trainings

Nito Seminars

Nito means “two swords”. Nito-ryu means a style of Kendo that uses one long and one short sword, unlike the usual single sword style. Nito-ryu can be used in most tournaments for experienced competitors.  Our dojo is lucky to have [...]

Nito Seminars2017-05-14T18:03:50-07:00

Kendo Judges’ Shinpan Seminars

The official judges of competition Kendo are called shinpan.  Spokane Kendo attends special seminars that teach and improve the technique of judges of Kendo matches.  It requires a certain black belt rank to participate as a judge in kendo.  Competition [...]

Kendo Judges’ Shinpan Seminars2017-05-14T18:13:57-07:00
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