Sam and Denise DeNardi and their son Seth have been kind enough to host our dojo Christmas parties for the last several years.  Seth began training with us after the family relocated from Mililani, Hawaii. The DeNardi family has been a great friend to the Spokane Kendo Club.  

We have lots of great music, food, friendship and fun at this party every year.  

The DeNardi home is also typical staging place for our dojo trips to the Seattle area for Kendo events. We park our cars there, pick up some yummy treats, jump in the ‘kendo van’ and hit the road!


Merry Christmas! Spokane Kendo, we had a fun time and shared stories and LOTS of food, my photography skills are not stellar but Aaron Melton has a good photo I am sure 🙂

Posted by Wendy Sinclair on Sunday, December 6, 2015