Teens and adult men join Kendo for many different reasons.

Some guys are looking for an interesting and fun way to exercise and get into great shape. Health clubs with their treadmills, stationary bikes, weights, etc., are boring for these kinds of guys. Kendo is exciting.

Kendo training starts off comfortably at the beginning levels, but can be as challenging as you want it to be as you progress. You can improve your health and fitness to whatever level you want to with Kendo.

Our dojo leader is Russ Sinclair sensei. His profession is helping people to overcome health problems and rehabilitation of joint injuries. He’s made that part of our training, so that injuries or weak joints won’t keep a guy from developing Kendo skills.

Some guys are looking for a positive group of people to train with. Friends that are serious about cutting loose and training together in a traditional, martial art discipline, that uses group training to develop individually. This is a long history within traditional Japanese Kendo.

Some guys are interested in Kendo tournaments and competition. Some aren’t. Your call. You can progress your skills and earn rank in Kendo and get all the benefits of Kendo training without taking part in competition.

Kendo is an exciting sport for the guys who are interested in competition. There are individual matches and team matches in Kendo tournaments. Northwest Kendo tournaments are high quality. Spokane Kendo Club members tend to do well in them. Some of our members compete at a national level.

Traveling with a team of guys on road trips to tournaments and seminars is a lot of fun! The level of learning is intense and team camaraderie is strong.

If you’re looking for Star Wars or anime sword stuff, this is NOT it. But Kendo did originate with the Japanese samurai (warriors) and is interwoven with that cultural tradition. So if swordsmanship is interesting to you Kendo might be for you.

There are a lot of martial arts dojos in Spokane. Kendo is not for everyone, if you’re looking for a time proven, serious, but really fun atmosphere, where you can learn how to push the envelope… our dojo might be a good fit for you.