A Fascinating Form of Exercise

Kendo is a fascinating and interesting way to exercise. The beginners’ classes start out very gently, with an emphasis on injury prevention. Training intensity gradually builds as the weeks go by. You do not have to be in good fitness condition to begin Kendo training, but regular training gradually and safely improves your condition.

Building your physical fitness can be greatly accelerated by participating in our Kendo Home Training Program. Kendo is known to be one of the most challenging martial arts at more advanced levels, so you can take your physical fitness to whatever level you choose.

A Great Stress Reliever

Modern daily life tends to produce physical tension and emotional stress. Kendo is an excellent way to build up our spirit, relax our bodies and gain emotional calm and confidence. It helps us to be full of energy and positive spirit, but at the same time calm and relaxed. “We can’t take stresses out of life, but we can change how we respond to stress.”

Personal Development

Kendo is a traditional martial art and an exciting modern sport that encourages the development of the individual through group training.

Traditional Kendo teaches a unique way of understanding our relationships with others. It fosters an appreciation and respect for others; our teachers, training partners, family, and community. This leads to self-discovery, self-respect, and a feeling of self-worth. One of the best ways to understand and believe in ourselves is to emphasize understanding and caring for others.

Juniors develop close friendships with other kids of all ages in Kendo. This optimistic peer group of other kids, and adults, is a positive influence in their lives.

Strong camaraderie and fierce competition with our training partners lead to great friendships and an understanding and maturing of ourselves. In Kendo, we say:

“Be kind and friendly off the training floor,
but ferocious and intense on the floor!”