Parents appreciate…

..the character development emphasis in Kendo and reinforcement of positive attitudes and discipline that they expect at home.

Kendo is an exciting, traditional martial art and sport which encourages the development of the individual through group training. Beginning classes instill traditional life skills (mental focus, responsibility, respect, confidence, etc.).

Encouragement from adults and other kids in the group produces a positive atmosphere for children.

“All the other kids at Kendo are my friends, even the older kids.”

Kendo fosters an appreciation and respect for others:  our teachers, training partners, family and community. This leads to self awareness, self respect and a feeling of self worth.

“Our daughter and our son are getting into great shape in a way that they are excited about.”

Fitness conditioning starts out very gently and gradually builds up. Even kids who are not athletically talented can excel in Kendo.

Tournament competition is not required to progress or take rank in Kendo. However, it is an exciting and inspiring sport for those who are interested in that aspect. There are tournaments nearly every month.