You might be thinking, “Why do you guys run? Isn’t Kendo enough exercise?”

Part of our dojo founder’s profession is injury prevention and rehabilitation for fitness and athletics. They teach unique and safe walking, jogging and running programs. It’s a tremendous ‘added benefit’ of our club, besides the Kendo instruction.

These training methods are optional, but many of our club members successfully use them to improve their kendo and their health (no matter what level of health they start at). Our club is unique in this way.  

Dojo members who choose to participate in these forms of training get together for Spokane area walking and running events.

Wendy Sinclair Sensei is one of the co-founders of Spokane Kendo Club. She is one of the most consistent runners in our club and gets our members together for runs throughout the year.  

Other runs you will see us at include Spokane’s Bloomsday, the St. Patty’s Day Run and National Veterans Day Run.  

We traditionally have a pancake feed at the dojo after a run. Yum! The run itself, the food and the friendships are great!!!

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Posted by Wendy Sinclair on Sunday, October 25, 2015