Women have an advantage in learning Kendo…

…especially in the beginning stages, because they naturally relax more than men tend to when learning new movement, so they learn the technique and speed that Kendo requires more quickly.

Women are typically smarter fighters. They tend to win matches with finesse and strategy rather than strength, size or even speed.

Kendo is gentle in the beginning, but it’s a tough endurance activity at the more advanced stages. This means that women don’t have to be in good physical condition to start Kendo, but can use Kendo training to achieve any level of fitness they choose.

It’s a tremendous confidence builder for women. It offers a physical contact activity with a low injury rate, because of the protective armor used.

Kendo offers a better type of stress reduction for women than is found in most other physical activities.

What kind of women do well at Kendo?  

Women who are, or who want to learn how to be:

  • Determined
  • Confident
  • Not bothered by a primarily male environment.
  • Tomboys (and ones at heart).

Who will women meet in a Kendo class?

  • Other women who have, or want to develop the characteristics above.
  • A very positive group of men, teens and kids who are using Kendo to enhance their lives.

One of our dojo (training hall) leaders is Wendy Sinclair

She is a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kendo. She teaches many of the classes. Quoting her:

“Kendo women are fully feminine but tough, too!  I’m very competitive. In childhood I was a competitive swimmer. In college I competed in Karate. Kendo has a competitive component that is more refined.”

“In tournaments sometimes women compete with other women, sometimes against men. It’s fun to hit men with a stick!” (there’s a Kendo pun imbedded in this quote).

“The sword is the equalizer.”

“Hell hath no furry like a woman… with a sword!”