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Nito Seminars

Nito means “two swords”. Nito-ryu means a style of Kendo that uses one long and one short sword, unlike the usual single sword style. Nito-ryu can be used in most tournaments for experienced competitors.  Our dojo is lucky to have [...]

Nito Seminars2017-05-14T18:03:50-07:00

Kendo Judges’ Shinpan Seminars

The official judges of competition Kendo are called shinpan.  Spokane Kendo attends special seminars that teach and improve the technique of judges of Kendo matches.  It requires a certain black belt rank to participate as a judge in kendo.  Competition [...]

Kendo Judges’ Shinpan Seminars2017-05-14T18:13:57-07:00

Annual Dojo Christmas Party

Sam and Denise DeNardi and their son Seth have been kind enough to host our dojo Christmas parties for the last several years.  Seth began training with us after the family relocated from Mililani, Hawaii. The DeNardi family has [...]

Annual Dojo Christmas Party2022-11-12T02:09:26-08:00

Dojo New Year’s Eve Ball

Our annual Dojo New Year’s Eve Ball invites all dojo members (Spokane Kendo Club, Karatedo Doshinkan of Spokane and Spokane Taiko), and all family and friends. The evening starts with dance lessons (mostly West Coast Swing, but it varies). [...]

Dojo New Year’s Eve Ball2017-05-14T18:23:50-07:00

Local Running Events

You might be thinking, “Why do you guys run? Isn’t Kendo enough exercise?” Part of our dojo founder’s profession is injury prevention and rehabilitation for fitness and athletics. They teach unique and safe walking, jogging and running programs. It’s [...]

Local Running Events2017-05-14T19:45:57-07:00

Kent Invitational Kendo Tournament 2015

Each of our Spokane Kendo Club members was eager to compete, present good kendo technique and spirit on the tournament floor. Wendy Sinclair was out first in the Women’s division and started off well with a quick two points to [...]

Kent Invitational Kendo Tournament 20152020-03-09T23:05:35-07:00

PNKF Promotional Testing 2015

February 28, 2015 - Rank can be earned in Kendo just as in other martial arts. One doesn’t have to take part in tournament competition to earn rank in Kendo. Kendo ranking system is similar to other martial arts.  10th Kyu [...]

PNKF Promotional Testing 20152017-04-30T19:19:23-07:00

Billy Kuster’s Farewell Party

October 31, 2015 - One of Spokane Kendo Club’s long term members has left us. Billy Kuster has trained with us for many years. Billy rarely missed training, and he always gave it his best when he trained and taught [...]

Billy Kuster’s Farewell Party2017-05-14T19:48:33-07:00

PNKF Kendo Tournament 2015

November 11, 2015 - Kent, WA - The Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation (PNKF) holds this tournament every Fall. It’s the largest tournament in the Northwest. It usually has about 350 contestants from California, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, the Midwest, as well as [...]

PNKF Kendo Tournament 20152017-04-30T19:19:23-07:00
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